Should I bring a small umbrella stroller (not as sturdy, no storage) or my larger jogging stroller (with storage, big enough to nap in) on the cruise? We are cruising on Harmony of the Seas.

Question by Steph Michigan

Personally I would pick the small umbrella stroller. You can bring the jogging stroller but here are a few things to consider. The hallways on the ship are narrow. In the morning an evenings when the housekeeping staff is out and working, so are their carts. These block half of the hallways so having a stroller with a larger width will be a lot harder to navigate and may even need to be folded and then reopen when you make it into the elevator.

Also if the elevators are crowded, the larger the stroller the harder it is to squeeze into the elevator. I’m not sure how old your child is, but for us when my kids started walking they hated being in the stroller and always wanted to be out and walking around the ships themselves. That controlled area made me feel better about letting them go free instead of strapping them into the stroller.

We used the Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller for our girls when we did bring it with us. It reclines, has a small basket for storage underneath and has a small sunshade. Maybe something like that would be a good alternative to just a basic model umbrella stroller.