Is Oasis of the Seas baby/toddler friendly? Can you tell me about the Splash pad/area? Can you rent toys for the week to bring to the stateroom? Anything else I should know about bringing a 16 month old onboard?

Question by Stephanie

Oasis of the seas is very baby friendly so no need to worry!

Oasis does have a small splash pas area. It has about 2 Inches of water in the bottom and a few spray fountains as well. This is the only area that children in swim diapers are allowed to be in.  If you want to make it slightly more entertaining, you may want to bring a few water toys  for your little one to play with if you think they will get bored. My kids however were always content just splashing around in the water.

As of my knowledge, you can still borrow toys from the nursery. I have never done it because other than naps we really didn't spend a ton of time in the room and when we do my little ones were always content playing with the few small toys we brought from home. I always try to bring them either a  few new, inexpensive toys or some old favorites that I have put aside so they seem like new as they haven't played with them in a while.

The bonus that you have on an Oasis class ship is that in the Adventure Ocean area, there is a great open play space for you to take your little one during the day. My kids always preferred to play there as there was often other kids to play with and a lot of toys that we don't have at home to play with. It was always a great way to take my little ones to run around and get out some of that extra energy.

As far as any extra tips I would say a few things. If you are planning on utilizing the nursery, make sure you head on over during the open house to fill out the paperwork and if you have any must have time slots book those. Depending on the number of kids on your cruise it may or may not fill up quickly.

Also make sure you have more than enough diapers and wipes. I always feel likeI over pack them and then I am amazed at how many I actually go through during the cruise.

Most of all just have fun. Cruising with a little one is very different than cruising as just adults or even just with older kids. You are much more on their schedule. I love cruising with my little ones as it is such a great opportunity to meet new people and see such amazing places.