I am traveling with an almost 5 year old and a 7 month old in March. I know the 5 year old will have lots to do but what is available for the 7 month old? (activities, childcare, food, etc)

Question by fatmire marke

We love cruising with our little ones and took our youngest daughter on a cruise just shy of 7 months so here is what I have to share.

The great thing about traveling with such a little one is that at that phase they are pretty much go with the flow. Our daughter was content just hanging with us, or relaxing in her stroller. Anthem offers a general play room just out side the adventure ocean rooms that has assorted toys that you can take our little one too to give them some time to play and get out all that energy. Also there is a small baby splash pool on board. If you want to use that, make sure you pack swim diapers. I would also suggest bringing a few small bath toys or water toys for your little one to play with in the tiny pool.

As far as childcare, there is a nursery on board Anthem of the seas. You should visit the nursery during the first day on board to fill out the paperwork and reserve any times that you know you would like to utilize the nursery. The hours will vary from ship to ship, so make sure you pick up a nursery cruise compass as well.

The charge for the nursery is $6 per hour before 6pm and $8 per hour after 6pm. You are usually able to reserve 15 hrs on the first day and then later in the cruise you can check back for more availability if you choose to book more hours.

As far as food, most of it what your little one will be eating is what you are bringing from home.  At 7 months you will have probably just started introducing baby food into their diet so you would need to bring it with you. Our daughter wasn't really into real food yet, so she only really drank formula. Keep in mind, they do not sell baby items on the ship so you will need to bring all your supplies with you. On some ships they may be able to puree food for you in the Main dining room, but since we always just brought baby food from home, I am not sure if they can on Anthem.
Hopefully this helps you have a general idea of what a cruise will be like with your baby. Enjoy your family time together!