Going on Anthem in April with my 12 y/o daughter. She does not know any other children on board and is very shy. How are the clubs and does the staff get them involved?

Question by Denise New York

Great question, and the short answer is your daughter will be well-taken care of by the staff.  Remember, all the kids in Adventure Ocean are also on their first day and likely do not know anyone, so it's a bit of "first day of school" for everyone.

First and foremost, you should plan to bring your daughter to the open house that is usually held in the early afternoon for registration (check the Cruise Compass for specific time).  It allows your daughter to meet the staff and check out the facility.  Moreover, you can also talk to the staff and bring up any concerns.

During each session, the staff will do their best to provide ample opportunity for the kids to get to know each other and participate. The staff encourage interaction without being pushy.