Cruising with a 6 month old, should I bring a hand operated food mill to the main dining room to mill up fruit and steamed veggies for the babe, or is this something the cooks can do for us in the back? I don't want to use jarred baby food. For those that brought baby cereal, how did you go about re-constituting and feeding? In the main dining room? Did you bring your own baby spoons/bowls?

Question by Joanna

When my little ones were little we always brought baby food with us on board, so I am not sure if they can mill them for you in the back. If the hand mill does not take up too much space in your luggage, I say bring it with you as a back up. You could also send an email to with your  names, booking number, ship name and sail date and you can ask specifically if the ship you are sailing on can  blend those foods for you.

As far as baby cereal, make sure you bring everything you need for that as well. Unfortunately I am no help here either as both of my children despised any form of baby cereal.

If you plan on making the baby cereal or any baby food in your room, then you would probably want to bring a few bowls with you to use, or you could just grab a few extra clean bowls anytime you are in the buffet. As for the spoons, BRING THEM! We always had a hard time finding small spoons on the ship. I would recommend getting some of the Take and Toss plastic spoons which are usually pretty cheap to buy so if they get lost it is not any big loss.  Hope this helps!