Can my kids 5 and 10 go into the same program onboard? So I don't have to separate them.

Question by Beth Pike

I can not tell you for certain if this is possible or not. You can ask, but it will more than likely depend on a few things. My guess is that because the age gap between your children is so large, there they will not let them be in the same group.  If by chance on your cruise the oldest group  (Voyagers) is merged with the middle group (Explorers), you have may have a shot at getting they 5 year old moved up to the Explorers group. If they are not combined, then they will not be in the same group. They are not going to let a 5 year old in the group with the 9-11 year olds and will not let a 10 year old in the group with the 3-5 year olds.

I really wouldn't worry about the kids being separate. My kids are 3 and 7, so not in the same group, and as much as they love each other, its great for them to have a break. The activities in each group are aimed directly at their levels. Both of them quickly make friends within their group and never once complain about not being together. Occasionally we leave them on the ship while we are in port and usually there are so few children there that they get to be together and that is a special treat for them. Your kids will still have an amazing time even if they are not in the same group!